The Demand for Web Developers Is at an All-Time High!

The demand for Web Developers is high and going up – making it one of the most profitable career paths!

With the ongoing growth of information technology, the demand for Web Developers is skyrocketing. Web development is a promising talent. On average, an entry-level front-end web developer can expect to make $61,000 per year. With 3 – 5 years of expertise, you may expect to make $100,000+ each year.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘Web developer and digital designer employment are expected to expand 13 percent between 2020 and 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.’

That’s just the US!

Even in a developing country like Nigeria, web developers still earn a lot. The average basic salary there for web developers is ₦1,024,349/ year. In Egypt, the average salary for a web developer is 91,800 EGP yearly.

As you can see, web developers get paid handsomely no matter where they might be located in the world.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites. It encompasses everything from web design to web programming to database management.

Although some web developers work individually, most work in teams with web designers and programmers. They may also collaborate with other professionals such as graphic designers, user experience (UX) experts, and database administrators, depending on the scale and overall complexity of the project.

With the increase in demand, the “Web Developer” job title has become more appealing than ever.

If you want to work on website design, content layout, database administration, and web application development, consider a job as a Web Developer. The demand for web developers is increasing significantly faster than the number of eligible candidates. Let’s find out why!

Are Web Developers in Demand?

Yes! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected 13% growth for web development jobs between 2019-2029, double the national average for all occupations.

The number of total websites surpassed the figure of 1,970,212,973 (as of today), with a rising number of businesses investing in them. Everything is now available on the internet, including e-commerce, real estate, banking, software, service sectors, healthcare, and education.

These impressive figures clearly indicate that the web developer job designation is here to stay, and you need to reap the benefits of this high-demand job by stepping into the field of web development. 

Web Developer – Job Outlook

When it comes to Web Developer career prospects, the future seems promising! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT industry is predicted to increase by 22% by 2030, and Web Developers will also profit from this expansion. With the possibility of faster growth, now is the time to enter the web development profession and get one of the highest-paying IT careers.

You may use your web development talents to work on new websites, content, online applications, and development tools in finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and other sectors. 

List of Careers in Web Development

When we say that web development is one of the most promising branches of the IT field, we mean that web developers can provide their services in any industry. Web Developers are currently working in the field of healthcare, banking, cybersecurity, digital marketing, automotive, aviation, and education. 

Depending on the nature of the profession and the needed skill set, many job titles exist for web developers. Some examples are shown below.

  • Web developer
  • Applications developer
  • Web designer
  • UX researcher
  • SEO Specialist
  • UX designer
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Game developer
  • Web content manager

All these designations are directly related to web development. Over time, you can improve your skill set and apply for senior position jobs or become a full-stack developer. If you are interested in investing in your skills, check out our pick of the best web development scholarships for 2022!

What Does a Web Developer Do?

As a web developer, you will be responsible for the coding, design, and layout of web pages and websites. You will work with clients to determine their needs and create a website that meets their expectations. In addition to coding, you may also be responsible for creating graphics, animations, and interactivity. 

You will also need to be familiar with web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition, you should have a good understanding of user experience and web design principles.

There are three types of web development, and here are the primary job designations of a web developer based on these types. 

Back-end web developers


Back-end web developers design the website’s structure, write code and test it. Their tasks may also include maintaining access points for individuals who need to control a website’s content, also known as webmasters.

Full-stack developers


A Full-stack developer is considered an all-rounder with expertise in both front-end and back-end development. They can not only design a website but make them user-friendly too while monitoring the website’s performance and health. 

Front-end web developers


Front-end web developers concentrate on the website’s visual components—the pages that users see and interact with (user interface). They create the physical layout of each page, integrate visuals, and enhance the site with HTML and JavaScript.

Several resources are available to assist you in learning whatever form of web development you are interested in. There are online classes, tutorial websites, books, and other resources available. With so many possibilities accessible, there’s no reason not to start studying web development now!

How to Become a Web Developer?

There are a few steps you must take if you want to pursue a career in web development. You must first master the fundamentals of web programming. You may achieve this by attending online classes or completing projects on various platforms. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may begin the job search.

Here’s the answer to the questions ‘how to become a web developer”: 

  1. Learn the basics of web development
  2. Find web development projects online
  3. Build a resume and look for relevant jobs 
  4. Start a web development career and earn money

You can start your career in web development by applying for a certification program or 4 years degree in computer science. Once mastered the web development skill, you can practice on web development projects online. These projects will help boost your skills and make your resume impressive. You can also apply for a job, even a remote one, as you can get a better offer while applying for a remote position in the US. 

Now is the right time to make your mark in the field of web development. So plan your future without any delay. 

Wrapping Up!

We have seen a consistent demand for web developers over the last few years, and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon. With new websites appearing left and right, the need for highly qualified web developers is increasing, making this a perfect moment to take advantage of unlimited job opportunities.

Improve your skill set and invest in web development certification courses like Web Development Foundations from Udacity if you want to be indispensable. This is the wisest investment you can make that will yield positive rewards in the future and help you reap the benefit of the rising demand for web developers!


Manno Notermans

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