Most In-demand Tech Skills and Courses

Let’s start off by revealing an interesting and equally unbelievable fact that might change your career choices forever. In the modern-day world due to heavy reliance on technology and innovations it has become incredibly effortless and doable to earn an insane amount of money with any tech skill.

All you need to do is simply master the fundamentals of any skill that you choose, and you are good to go! Now, you must wonder what tech skills are actually most in-demand these days that prove to be quite profitable. Well, we have put together a detailed guide for you regarding the 13 most in-demand tech skills and courses!

13 most in-demand tech skills that can be learned through online courses

  1. Data Science
  2. Full-stack Web Development
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Cloud Development
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. UI/UX Design
  8. Tech Product Management
  9. Internet of Things
  10. Blockchain
  11. Data Engineering
  12. Network and Internet Security
  13. Smart Device & Mobile Technologies

If you are still confused regarding how can you make a ton of money with the in-demand tech skills, let us give you a brief overview of the current situation of the world in order to clear the air

As you all know one everlasting effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is on the pre-existing business models and the job landscape. Post pandemic, all major companies have shifted to online work rather than conventional work in the office. For this very reason, every other business be it a small venture or a full-fledged business requires a website and website content, along with proper development and management in order to leave a mark.

This is exactly why we have seen a sharp rise in demand for tech skills. Now let’s move to the list of top 13 in-demand tech skills and courses that will definitely make your financial situation improve ten-fold.

1. Data Science – The most in-demand tech skill for 2022

Data science is a field of study that deals with the raw form of various kinds of data using modern techniques and tools to extract useful insight that can help one make sane decisions.

With the continually evolving world and the influx of data, it has become quite competitive for companies to grow and stay one step ahead.

This is why most companies and organizations rely on data scientists to collect and interpret raw forms of data to extract useful information and make decisions from which the company can benefit and boost its growth.

Surprisingly, a professional data scientist with a high level of expertise can make up to $800k per year in the US. All you need to do is enrol yourself in an authentic course and learn this skill thoroughly without any experience. Enrol yourself today in a Data Science course and witness the boost of growth your career enjoys!

2. Full-stack Web Development is always in demand

Full-stack web development has become quite an essential tech skill these days that can earn you great income. Full-stack web developers are responsible for dealing with two major sections of a website that include the front end and the back end. The front end of a website is the section which the user comes into contact with.

Whereas, the back end stands for the hidden interface that a user can not view and where all the programming and modification of the website takes place. Full-stack development is considered among the highest-paying jobs in the world which is why the young generation is taking a lot of interest in becoming a full-stack web developer.

In case you look forward to a bright future and are willing to learn this essential skill, enrol yourself in a full stack development course.

3. Artificial Intelligence – AI skills are still growing in demand

Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary field of study that deals with the simulation of human intelligence through machines, especially computer-based software. In simpler words, artificial intelligence is a branch of tech that deals with building innovative machines capable of performing simple tasks that usually depend on human intelligence.

With the continuous development and steadfast need for automation, the demand for artificial intelligence has skyrocketed in the past few years. The average salary range of an AI engineer is usually $100,00 – $250,000.

Enrol yourself in an AI intelligence course and take the plunge that will eventually lead you to success.

4. Machine Learning – High in demand tech skill

Machine learning is basically a branch of study that falls under artificial intelligence. Likewise, artificial intelligence machine learning also deals with the building of complex computer systems that can imitate and display human intelligence.

Machine learning has become quite important for businesses these days as it helps them recognize consumer trends in the market. Machine learning is an integral part of major leading companies such as Google, Facebook, and Uber.

The average salary of a machine learning engineer in the US is $112,421. Moreover, there is a continuous increase in demand for machine learning engineers due to a drastically changing world and everyday innovations.

You can enrol yourself in a machine learning course and learn this essential skill in the comfort of your home!

5. Cloud Development is a high demand technology skill

The field of cloud development is expected to grow beyond limits in the coming years along with a soaring demand of cloud developers in various industries.

Cloud developers are basically software engineers who specialize in cloud computing software. Apart from that, cloud developers are responsible for writing codes on a local machine that has a connection to the cloud environment.

The average recorded salary of a cloud developer in the US is $102,198 per year. You can enrol yourself in a cloud development course right away to change your fate!

6. Cloud Computing can boost your career

In simpler words, cloud computing deals with the distribution of computing services. Cloud computing is basically comprised of several servers linked together through the internet. Its primary function is to share resources, data, and information. In this case, the internet acts as an invisible cable that interlinks various servers together.

A career in cloud computing is generally surrounded by the development and management of cloud infrastructures. Moreover, Cloud engineers can have further specialised roles as well such as development, managing, or designing cloud networks. On average a cloud computing engineer can make up to $121,141 per year in the US.

Enrol yourself in a cloud computing course and take your fate in your hands!

7. UI/UX Design – Among the top tech skill for 2022

UI stands for user interface whereas UX stands for user experience. Immaculate UI and UX design is a necessary factor to attract a maximum number of customers and users to your site. Hence, there has been a sharp rise in demand for UI/UX designers. Top-notch UX/UI design is the equivalent of more traffic and eventually more profit. This is why organizations and companies always make it a point to hire UX/UI designers for their sites.

A UX/UI designer is responsible for creating the best possible interface for a site that will attract users and will result in higher customer acquisition.

The salary range of UX/UI designers in the US falls between $30,000 – $520,000 depending on the expertise of the designer.

If you think you have got that level of creativity that can help you become a successful UX/UX designer enrol yourself in a UX/UI design course and live your passion!

8. Tech Product Management – A growing skill that can boost your resume

Tech product management is a field that is closely linked to the technical aspect of the products rather than their marketing and advertising aspects. The primary duties of a technical product manager are to manage the technical aspects of the product along with building and monitoring the longevity and the usage of the product.

Currently, project management is known as one of the highest-paying jobs in the tech field. The average salary of a tech product manager is around $116,100.

9. Internet Of Things

By definition, the internet of things (IoT) is a network of computing physical and digital machines. In other words, the internet of things is basically a physical object that is equipped with sensors, software, processing capabilities, and futuristic technology in order to share data with other systems through the internet.

The main responsibility of an IoT engineer is to build devices that can effortlessly connect to other systems through the internet.

The average salary of an IoT developer in the US is $133,376 per year. In case you take interest in the internet and creating new devices you should enrol yourself in the internet of things course!

10. Blockchain – Among the most popular technology skill

Blockchain is basically interlinked to cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a system in which information and transactions are saved in such a manner that it becomes next to impossible for anyone to hack or cheat it. In simpler words, a blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions that is made available on different networks in the loop of the blockchain.

The primary duty of a blockchain developer is to develop applications based on blockchain. With good expertise and skills, a blockchain developer can easily earn up to $150k per year.

In case you are interested in cryptocurrency and feel like this is something for you then enrol yourself in a blockchain developing course right now!

11. Data Engineering

Data engineering also known as information engineering is a field that deals with obtaining data and preparing it for analysis in order to extract useful feedback. Data engineers are primarily responsible for collecting and compiling raw data for data scientists to interpret. The end goal of data engineering is to make data easily accessible for companies and organizations so that they can benefit from it.

On average a data engineer in the US can make around $120,997. If you are someone who is super into detailed engineering guidelines and is passionate about studying data, then data engineering is the perfect choice for you and you should enrol yourself in a data engineering course.

12. Network and Internet Security (Cybersecurity)

With the highest statistics of cyber threats, scams, and data leakage it has become essential for companies to safeguard their data and software. This is where a cybersecurity technician comes in the picture. The primary roles of a cybersecurity technician include defending and protecting an organization’s or company’s software, hardware, data assets, and networks, against any threat in cyberspace.

The average pay of a cybersecurity technician generally ranges from $85,000 to $130,000 per year depending on various factors such as extent of expertise, set of skills, and location. Enrol yourself in a cyber security course and discover countless work opportunities in the world of cybersecurity for career growth.

13. Smart Device & Mobile Technologies

Smart device and mobile technologies are another skill set that has great potential to capture a massive portion of the job market in the coming years. This field is all about technologies that are used to build smart devices such as mobile phones and smartwatches.


We hope by now you must have picked out a tech skill for yourself that you want to learn and practice professionally. If not, there is nothing to worry about because you can once again go through the above-mentioned detailed guide of the most in-demand tech skills and courses at the moment, in order to clear your indecisiveness.

Whatever skill you choose for yourself just make sure to give it your 100% and eventually you will reap the benefits of your dedication and hard work!


Manno Notermans

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